Changing Lives through Technology and Science Education

The NSSA at Mt. Vernon for Advancement is an independent, IRS approved 501(c)(3) created in direct response to the many challenges that cannot be adequately addressed by the public school system due to resource and budget constraints.

The center will work in partnership with public school leadership to ensure at-risk students have access to state-of-the-art science and technology resources that prepare them for careers as teachers, scientists, computer technologists, doctors and engineers.

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Why Mount Vernon Needs Your Help

Mount Vernon is the only major city in New York where a minority accounts for the majority of the population. It is a diverse city plagued by high crime, high unemployment and high poverty. The public school system is suffering. State test scores indicate that today’s school children will not be prepared for meaningful career opportunities—especially those that require a strong math and science foundation.

Technology and Science Center

Research indicates that a technology and science center will have a positive educational impact on the children of Mount Vernon. Additionally, it can improve the economics and culture of the surrounding community. The NSSA at Mt. Vernon for Advancement will offer a host of interactive exhibits, programs, internships and other opportunities to prepare youth for four-year colleges and meaningful careers.

What You Can Do To Ensure a Bright Future for Mount Vernon Youth

This hands-on educational resource will reflect the support of its community. The center will feature a broad collection of interactive technology and science exhibits, some made possible through the support and guidance of local and national corporate partnerships.



All capital to fund the construction audited by an independent major accounting firm and audits made publicly available. The initial fundraising goal is $50 million.

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  • the critical situation in Mount Vernon
  • how a technology and science center can be a solution
  • specific details of the center’s layout, including an architectural rendering
  • how you can help, including naming opportunities for donors

Contact us at 914-888-7556 or gdennis@nssa-mv.org if you would like this detailed packet of information mailed to you.