The Center

The Center

Resources to Improve the Future for At-Risk, Underserved Children

The center will be a multilevel, multipurpose facility that houses interactive exhibits, displays, classrooms, laboratories, a theater and other spaces featuring advanced science and technology to support early exposure and learning. All Mount Vernon public school students will visit at least twice a year, always free of charge. The end result will be students prepared for four-year colleges and meaningful science and technology-related careers.

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Prospective Building Configuration




• Technology Wing (Primary)
• Science Wing (Primary)<
• Mount Vernon History Wing (Secondary)
• Theater / Auditorium (300 to 400 person capacity) (fourth floor)
• Conference Room / Banquet Room (1,000 person capacity ) (fourth floor)
• Classrooms (2-4 rooms, 25 to 30 person capacity)
• Science Laboratory (2 labs, 25 to 30 person capacity)
• Technology Laboratory (2 labs, 25 to 30 person capacity)
• Small Offices (8-12 offices, 4 to 6 person capacity)
• Kitchen / Cafeteria (75-100 person capacity)

The Technology Wing (second floor)

The Technology Wing will feature technological exhibits that offer a basic to broad understanding of how technology has evolved into what it is today in our homes and businesses.

Students will learn:
• the evolution of technology
• applications enabled through technology
• general science that created the foundation for technology
• how technology impacts our daily lives
• what the future may hold for technology
• the role of women in technology
• career paths as teachers, doctors, computer technologists and engineers

The Science Wing (third floor)

The Science Wing will provide students with interactive examples of science to discover how things in the universe work and impact our lives.

Students will learn:
• practical applications of science in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, energy, medicine, aviation, robotics and more
• the relationship between science and products/services available today
• the role of women in science
• career paths as teachers, computer scientists, doctors and engineers

Enrichment Programs

• A range of after-school, weekend and summer programs will further extend the reach of the center and provide additional learning opportunities for students, teachers and parents.
Science and Technology Tour free for all Mount Vernon public school classes twice a year to gain an introduction to the importance of science and technology in their daily lives
Evening of Science and Technology to engage parents and emphasize importance of science and technology education

Technology & Science Internship Program for 7th to 12th grade students to work at the center as tour guides and lab assistants
Technology & Science Mentoring Program connects youths to professional staff members for education and career guidance
Technology and Science Lectures and Scholarships curriculum to be determined

Additional Resources

The center will also showcase Mount Vernon History, including prominent locals who rose to become role models in sports, science, music, business and entertainment. A theater, conference facilities, offices, laboratories and classrooms will both enhance student learning and provide a source of revenue for the center.

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the critical situation in Mount Vernon and how a technology and science center can be a solution specific details of the center’s layout, including an architectural rendering how you can help, including naming opportunities for donors.

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